After I had the sad duty of releasing two former leaders into their retirement from active leadership, I've now got an opportunity to announce a promotion as well as changes in leadership that give the Dussack division a broader focus and a bigger role in the cabal's running.

The Promotion

A few days ago, BrokenPieces filled the position of Zweihänder's leader, our division which focuses on the PvE activities. As already posted internally, I look forward to an increase of more scheduled events that give everybody the opportunity of attending at those planned events. BrokenPieces has a long history of leading raids in The Secret World, and while currently the only end game activity are lair runs, I'm sure we'll soon also dive back into saving New York from bursting sewage pipes together.

The Restructure

Another major change in Secret World Legends has led to faction conflict being far less relevant than before. As such, our PvP division was slightly overstaffed with two leaders. At the same time, it became clear that with all the fresh blood being swept into the game, we need even more internal community management in the cabal. I have therefore approached Shock G about moving from Misericorde to Dussack. Dussack will also pick up some of its former duties with regards to managing conflicts of interest, mediation and disciplinary activities.

Please join me in the forums to wish both BP and Shock all the best for their new roles here!