We are pleased to inform you that on the 21st September 2017 we published an updated version of the Dungeon and Raid Etiquette. You can find it here: Dungeon and Raid Etiquette. The Etiquette organises the rules for raid leaders and participants. It has been published as part of the Zweihänder Division Directives and is the reference document for all future PVE (Player versus the Environment) ingame events.

The document covers the basic principles, which when applied should help all the 9S Members who want to organise a PVE event, in meeting the basic requirements for a well organised dungeon, lair or raid run. Moreover, it imposes a certain amount of responsibilities on the leaders, as well as the participants at the same time. In result, applying this set of rules should eliminate most, if not all, doubts about the organisation of events, as well as remind all of us about small details, such as being punctual.

Furthermore, we encourage you to take part in the discussion about your New York Raid (Manhattan Exclusion Zone) experience. We have an open thread in this topic here in the Guides Section of the Forum (https://www.nine-swords.com/forums/43/10773). Any additional information you can share will help all of us and will be appreciated.

If you haven't been in our forums for a while, you may have also missed a lively discussion that has been going on about how we can better organise our cabal bank. The discussion will be open for just a few more days before we finalise the latest draft that Helixia has put together. If you want to have your say head over to this thread in our open tasks forum: https://www.nine-swords.com/forums/5/10786