In the light of Aberlour's resignation as Recruitment Leader for the US Timezone, we are now looking for people willing to step up and help us with the recruitment process for time zones other than EU.

Keksimus, who showed interest for recruitment in the last edition of Sharpening the Blades was promoted for this role last week, but we are still needing people to cover US and Australia. The spots are not limited, so anyone who is willing is welcome to apply. Recruiter status does not mean you will have to leave your current division if you signed up for one, just a short training and in-game promotion to recruiter rank.

So, if you want to help us bringing more people in your own Time zone, please contact Helixia or Katelin.

Remember, Nine Swords has a division for every possible activity, so if you are interested in any division in particular and want to help organizing things, don't hesitate to contact that division's leader (visible in the Roster) for membership.

And most important, have fun

Helixia - Recruitment Leader EU TZ