A thank you and a massive congratulations are the orders of the day! 

It is wonderful when our cabal mates enjoy each others company, great when that spills into our real lives and we meet up in our real life settings. It is even more fantastic though to receive the news that Floryn and Antanahe have FINALLY decided to move countries to be together!  When such amazing news comes along, it can be very hard to be anything but happy! 

With the big changes though, also comes the decision from Floryn to step down as a leader of Nine Swords.  Please all join me in thanking Floryn for his massive input to our cabal. Floryn has been involved in some pivotal idea development, especially the start of our Sharpening the Blades sessions and of course for lots and lots of RP. It is impossible to write about everything he has done!! I thank you with all my heart, Floryn!