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New content (sort of) at last, in SWL.  The agent system is live as of today.  As usual, the update is not without it's issues, such as what I like to call the "Nekkid Bald Dude" bug. Apparently if you go to Agartha, a database error is stripping you of your items, your hair and your gender (if female) to turn you into a naked bald dude with no name and no gear.  The good news is that zoning out of Agartha, or re-logging seems to fix it.

As for the Agent system, dossier drops still seem to be pretty rare.  If you would like to contribute to the knowledge base about where dossier drops can be found and how often they drop, click here to visit the forum topic.



Edit: A patch for the update has been deployed.  Stay tuned later for the inevitable hotfix for the patch for the update :-D

Edit #2: Yep, I called it--another server downtime of two hours. The hotfix for the patch for the update has been deployed.