Congratulations to us all on Nine Swords reaching it's 6th year!!

This year is definitely a special year with it being the first year since we moved over to Secret World Legends - we have seen a surge in PvE activities in the cabal, though our focus still remains for us to all have as much fun as possible.


We hope you will get involved in the competitions we have set up this week as part of our Anniversary celebrations, as well as of course logging in to join in with the Secret World Legends anniversary events that run until July 11th, and the community run MEGAVersary events that kick off today as well. 

Tomorrow we will be having a cabal meeting to give you all a chance to come along and hear from Durendal, and all available leaders. It will be great to see you all there!


Here is to many more years for Nine Swords! I am thankful to each and every one of you for contributing to making our cabal a success.

If you would like to post in our anniversary thread, you can find it here: