Swords, we have two fantastic competitions running for our members this Halloween - whatever timezone you are in, and however much time you may or may not have on your hands.. we know you will have the chance to enter them both!


9S Spooky Theatre Scene Competition!

Is being run by Indashi. You need to make the most spooky halloween themed theatre scene in the Albion! 

For more information check out the thread here: https://www.nine-swords.com/forums/18/11786


9S Halloween Costume Competition!

Is being run by me, Katelin - and I want to see your outfits! Dress up in your best Halloween Costume and post a screenshot of yourself wearing the outfit in the thread here: https://www.nine-swords.com/forums/18/11784 


What are you waiting for? We are looking forward to seeing lots of entries so we can give our prizes away.

And remember - if you want to make the prize pots bigger for the cabal, we will not say no. Please get inTouch with Indashi or Katelin.