During November and until the 1st of December I ran a challenge for all cabal members to participate in. It was announced in our Newsletter and in our MoTD in-game.

The requirements were small -
1. Log in to Nine Swords cabal chat in game
2. Ensure to have an image uploaded to your roster page in the forums.

34 members managed to fulfill both requirements and were therefore entered into our prize draw. I am happy to announce that our winners are: Snotty, Alepouditsa and Xphyle.

The Prizes are:
Sanguine Ghoul (donated by Durendal)
Mini Mecha (donated by Yuriksha)
Herald of Carnage (donated by Katelin) 


You can claim your prize by checking out the forum post here: https://www.nine-swords.com/forums/53/11893?p=77941#p77941