Yesterday, when I read the message from Helixia in our forums that he will no longer be playing SWL and is therefore stepping down from our Nine Swords leadership team..  I had to take some time before I posted. The reason I had to take time, is because I saw it coming - I just didn't want to admit it! 

We meet so many people online, and sometimes - we are lucky enough that some of those people make an incredibly positive impact to our lives. 

Helixia was one of those people to me. 

When people join our online communities, you always start with a bit of caution right? You test the water.. see how someone settles in. See if you like each other. Well, with Helixia it was crazy -  I was blown away by how quickly he settled into the cabal, and was so successful and attentive with recruitment and idea sharing. Fortunately, the rest of our leadership team shared my opinion and he was promoted to joint lead of our Recruitment division. 

It was an enormous pleasure "working" with you, Helixia. You were a great leader within our cabal. Thank you for so many really happy, fun memories, thank you for all your support and hard work in the cabal. We wish you all of our best wishes for your future.