Hey Swords!! The first two weeks of October are going to be busy.. in fact we will be as busy as bees!

You will see on our calendar blue marked events for Workshops and Brainstorming sessions from the 1st of October to the 15th October 2019. These sessions are being run to help you find ways where you can do more in our cabal.
If you always wanted to run a team, but have no idea where to even start. These sessions are for you!
If you get frustrated that we don't have things on the calendar at a time you can run things … then take the initiative yourself! Learn how to use our calendar and Noticeboard forum!
Maybe you have a great idea as to how we can improve working together in our cabal. 
We want to see you all there! 
All members of Nine Swords that attend will be recorded - and at the end of the event you will be getting your website profiles updated with some shiny 9S awards! 
If you attend at least 2 scheduled events - you will be the proud owner of a bronze Honing the Blades 2019 attendance award
If you attend at least 4 of the scheduled events - you will be the even prouder owner of a silver Honing the Blades 2019 active attendance award
If you are at all the events that are scheduled in the 2 weeks.. we will wonder whether you are ok- but you will get your hands on a GOLD shiny Honing the Blades 2019 attendance award.