This event was a lot of fun! We had members taking part who have been playing full time since SWL launched and that hadn't focussed time on getting achievements, members who needed help getting things because they were team activities, as well as newer members who had never even cast their eyes on the achievement window. Hundreds of achievement points were gained - of note, our 2 winners with the highest points in the categories set:

In Category 1 - congratulations to: PhoenixBurn - starting points 1040 - after 1495 (gain 455)
You win a SHINY Nemain Signet for your efforts!

In Category 3 - congratulations to: Tazetta - starting points 3670 - after 4300 (gain 630)
You also win a SHINY Nemain Signet for your efforts!


Was awesome to see you all helping each other out! This is definitely an event we can run again in the future… assuming we haven't all got all the achievements by then!