Krampusnacht 2019: Winter Event Dec. 12 – Jan. 2

Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends!


Deadly champion creatures mark their return throughout the world, requiring extra leg (or brain)-work to coax them from hiding! Accept bounty missions from the Paragon activity board in Agartha to begin your tasks. Completing this mission may reward you with a phone which you can also use to trigger the mission Fog and Mirrors.

The Krampus Gate is open once again, ushering an invasion of the vile Krampus – defeat them and take the battle to Niflheim itself. Hel, queen of Niflheim, returns in two forms: one as the guardian of her realm, and another as a public raid in Agartha.


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