As someone who has been with the cabal from its inception, I unfortunately often incorrectly assume that of course everyone already read through *everything* in our forums and on the website and knows everything about Nine Swords … apparently, this is not always the case! Who would have thought.

During a discussion around the middle of February, one of our newer members asked me about how the cabal was founded - and I linked him to the story that our founding members wrote together. He then linked it to other members to show them how awesome it was. Never for the life of me did I think that anything further would come of it - until the end of February.

In the space of a month, HolloPoint has worked tirelessly on creating Nine Swords Origins, a graphic novel based on the story our founding members wrote together. It is absolutely sensational and brought back some fantastic memories to me about how Nine Swords was born.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you should all go RIGHT NOW and take a look at the amazing work of art that HolloPoint has created.

HolloPoint, thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this. I hope that many people take a look enjoy reading, and seeing how you visualised the story! It is incredible! 


Link to Nine Swords Origins: Nine Swords Origins