It's been three years since the relaunch of Secret World into SWL. So we have a weird anniversary for the cabal that's much older than that, but at the same time our development here is still relatively young. However, I have to admit that I'm still mightily impressed by the numbers we get here and now, as well as most days of the week. Since our last anniversary, we've also developed quite well on skill, gear and capabilities. NYR E10 was conquered in October 2019, so now we can officially claim that (at least on good days) we are officially end game!

So between our numbers being as healthy as they are and our ability to run wherever we want, I really want to emphasize that it's something we all achieved together. Since there always is a coming and going in the cabal though, what's also important is all the new blood that we're grabbing off the Looking For Cabal pages.

The one way that we can keep doing it all and doing it with lots of company, is to keep going strong both on levelling gear and making sure people learn the content from story mode all the way up. And some groups really excelled at that, I believe we had a few players that went from E1 to E9 within a month or two. Not sure exactly, but you know what you did. And I congratulate you and everybody else that's working hard. Obviously, working hard on having fun.

Now we're in the beginning of our 9th year of Nine Swords. Honestly, this HAS to be our best year, or at least the year that's better than the ones before. So for the next anniversary, I really want you all to help grow the community, your skills and gear. All us leaders are counting on you for that.

Happy 8th anniversary, Nine Swords!