As announced yesterday, our wait is over - on Tuesday 29th September 2020 the massive dungeon and raid rebalance is going live.

Main Changes: 

On Tuesday we assume there will be a downtime, after which you should find 9x Polymorphic Glyph Exchangers in your delivered items.

The Loot Key system will be different and you will no longer need keys for Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios. 

Dungeon queue levels will be changed from Tuesday, and you will instead find that queues are instead merged. 

There are item changes, distillate changes, xp gain changes, and massive changes to all things tanking and healing. 


This rebalance has so so much in it, that we cannot post it all here. A summary just wont do it justice.  Instead, we suggest you head over to the thread here in the Secret World Forums