Thank you to all of you that attended our New Year event today! It was great to see so many of you.

While we were in our museums, we established 5 goals for this coming year - and I promised to put them on our website, so here they are:

Nine Swords: Goals for 2021!

1. Encourage others in the cabal to join in with what you are doing (and if its a scheduled event, put it on the calendar!)
2. Ask in cabal chat to do things before asking in LFG
3. Schedule things if you know you are on a tight timeframe! You can get a lot done in an hour if it's planned.
4. Ask for help / training if you want to learn something new (DPS / Tanking / Healing / AND cabal roles)
5. February calendar blockers for cake gathering!

I know which my favourite is, and I know who we are dragging along from outside the cabal to support our efforts *winks at teg*


Happy New Year, Nine Swords.