It is with incredibly heavy hearts and unimaginable sadness that we today mourn one of our most active and respected cabal members, HolloPoint (Mark). We found out today that Mark passed away on Friday 18th June 2021.

However long you have been a member in Nine Swords, or playing in our secret world - we are certain you will have been impacted by Mark's work. He tirelessly orchestrated the amazing MEGAversary events, he supported our cabal with so many events and crazy ideas, and he was active. Hard to remember a day he didn't log in, even just to say hi. Even after his treatment last Thursday, he checked in with us via the website to say he was doing well. 

We respected Mark, we valued him and he was definitely our friend. We laughed, we argued about politics, we had fun - we shared so much joy. 

To say we are going to miss him is an understatement. The lack of his presence is going to be unbearable.


To everyone that knew Mark, was inspired by him, that loved him - we share your sorrow, and we hold you tight in our thoughts and hearts.