Congratulations to everyone that took part in our competition "SOLOMON ISLAND : The hunt is on" 

It was fantastic to see so many of our cabal taking part! The highlight of this competition for me was to see those who were more active encouraging less active members to join in along with them. This ensured that TWENTYSEVEN members of our cabal joined in on the fun and had the chance to collect lots of points - because as we know, points mean prizes!! 

For each Solomon Island Lair, Dungeon or 100x Monster killed based on the listing, 5 points was awarded.

You can see an overview of all the points gathered in the competition thread - special congratulations to our top five points scorers

1st with a massive 390 points was KICHU. He won a Third Age Persuader of Energy (SG) & 50 Mk IV Weapon Fragments
2nd GUNNERYSGT, she wins a Third Age Persuader of Havoc (SG) & 25 Mk IV Weapon Fragments
3rd FRACTALIS, she wins 50 Red Container Keys
4th XANTHEAVIA, she wins 50 Yellow Container Keys
5th LISIASTY, he wins 50 Purple Container Keys

Solomon Island is in debt to those who further reduced the Ak'ab population, but chose not to list their kill count. I am proud to smash those burrows alongside you all. 

I am looking forward to giving you all your prizes ( and freeing up my bank space for the next competition *winks* )