Unfortunately for us today, Mellified has decided to step down as leader of our Academy. It was not an easy decision for Mellified, and it is one that he and I have been discussing together for at least the last six months. I cannot say it enough - Real life always comes first in Nine Swords. I feel slightly like a broken record because I said this last less than a week ago, however it is important to say it again!! 

Spending time in an online group for many of our members involves logging in, doing something really fun and logging back out again. Our leadership team however take their positions seriously - we work our arses off!! When anything in real life comes along that needs our attention, leaders of Nine Swords have always done all they could not to have to step down - and this has definitely been the case too for Mellfied.  I am incredibly thankful for everything Mellified has contributed to Nine Swords, and I know he intends not to leave the cabal - he knows if he does, I would come and find him! 

Please all join me in thanking Mellfied for not just leading our Dussack Division (Academy) since winter 2015, but for the overall incredibly supportive leadership he has provided throughout the cabal.