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DPS, Healer

Old gamer living in Sweden. Prefers to play DPS or Healer in groups and has played most RPG's out there at some time or another. Remembers the rules of none...

Returning to SWL after a few years away, drawn back by the athmosphere and the DJ sessions.

Would like to do raids again, but might need to be shown the ropes anew.



Mari was raised in the small town of Akune in the Kyūshū region of southwest Japan.

Her father was a japanese interpol investigator and later dojo owner named Tsukahara and her mother is a greek business woman named Circe.

Her parents met when Tsukahara was on assignment in europe and they fell in love and started a family back in Akune, Japan.
Circe did however leave when Mari was quite young and was largely abscent during her upbringing. She still had contact with Mari even from a distance though and there are no ill feelings between them.
It was her father, Tsukahara, who raised her. In order to manage as a single dad, he quit his job at interpool and started a dojo in his home town Akune. Being the son of a well known budo master he had both the training and the cred to make it work and it was a nice life.
Mari spent most of her days in the dojo with her father and grew up to be a highly skilled martial artist.

When Mari entered puberty, strange new things began to happen. (There may or may not have been a bee-swallowing involved...)
Her fingers sparked and she would occationally set things on fire when she was angry. Tsukahara sent word to Circe who returned home and explained that this was something Mari had inherited from her, an affinity for channeling magic energies.

Circe stayed with Mari and Tsukahara for about a year, teaching Mari to control and use her powers.
Mari remembers this time as the best year of her life, more on account of her family being together again than on learning magic, allthough the magic was a nice bonus. Eventually Circe needed to leave again, but before she left she linked her own spirit to the Nakamoto family blade, så that Mari would have a psychic connection with her whenever she held the blade.

A few years later tradegy struck in Akune as the yakuza began moving in on local businesses. Tsukahara would not have any of it and openly rejected their offers and rallied the locals to resist becoming entangled in organised crime.
When Mari came home from school on her 17th birthday she saw the Dojo set aflame and when she made her way inside she found her father gunned down.
As the ambulance drove away and she stood on the sidewalk while the police questioned her about what had happened, she was clutching her fathers katana in a tight embrace. She felt her mothers pain and grief through the blade, but also a furious rage, a rage that she fully shared with her mother. Mari didn't say much to the police. She didn't think they would do much anyway, but she knew what she was going to do. She knew who were resposible and who had to pay.
Through the blade she felt her mother agree.

Mari started with the small time gangsters that she had seen approaching her father and moved her way up the chain, leaving a trail of bodies behind.
Finally she found out where the Akune yakuza hub had it's headquarters. It was a large 10 stories office building down town.
Mari staked the building out for a week untill she had a list of all the bosses going in and out. When she was confident that they were all in the building at the same time, she snuck in and made her way to the roof. She figured that the bosses would have their offices on the top floors so if she started fighting them there, lesser employees like cleaners, secretaries and such would be able to escape through the main entrance when the fighting started.
She cleared the house floor by floor, going down with blade in hand and fire and lightning blasting through bosses, henchmen and thugs.

When she came down to the bottom floor, no one was left alive behind her, all the lower level staff had fled and most of the building was on fire.
Mari was soaked in blood and she could hear sirens approaching. She hadn't planned this far and she didn't really know what to do, but as she stepped out on the street she was met by a monk who simply stepped up in front of her.
He wasn't dressed like the yakuza and his lips were sewn together. He looked at Mari and held out a small business card. On the card was a simple depiction of a butterfly.

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