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Preferred roles: Tank, Heal

Time Zone: Pacific USA (GMT -8).  Usually online from 5pm-8pm PST M-Th, and all damn day on weekends

Personal History:

  • Hate kids, love dogs, indifferent about cats. 
  • I keep backyard chickens, so it's good to be my friend because I give away free eggs. 
  • Been gaming since D&D 2nd ed. was "that newfangled D&D" (OMG, I hate THAC0. The math, it burns!). 
  • Still play table top RP every Friday night with my RL gaming buddies (Pathfinder).  Ask me about my lvl 15 gnome summoner, I dare ya!
  • Still in mourning for City of Heroes, my favorite MMORPG game ever.  Since they resurrected the maps as a fancy chat room, I sometimes go back just to hear the Atlas Park theme song and reminisce. Global name:@Amidamaru, Supergroup: Furry Furies. Justice Server Represent!
Hook Swords

Ghostchilde (Gracie "Ghostchilde" Miyelli)

  • Born with albinism (no, human albinos don't have pink eyes, that's a myth)
  • Discovered at a relatively young age that several of the people talking to her weren't actually alive anymore, which lead to some hilarious misunderstandings and a short stint in a juvenile psychiatric facility.
  • Wears a tactical earpiece or Bluetooth ear bud because when you're talking to people no one else can see, you end up in a loony bin, but when you're talking into an ear bud, you're a professional (or a drug dealer--but at least no lithium is involved).

Shadowcat-x (Thomas "Shadowcat-x" Hsu)

  • Third generation American-born Chinese raised in Atlanta Georgia (so yeah, he has a southern accent--if he ever bothered to speak)
  • Hates Chinese food and doesn't speak Chinese (just enough to get slapped in a titty bar in Hong Kong) and gets annoyed at folk that expect him to speak Chinese just because of the way he looks.
  • Did 8 years in the marines as a scout sniper in various sandboxes where everyone is trying to kill Americans.  Joining the Secret World was actually a step up in terms of sanity and survival odds.
  • Could kindly be described as a "gun nut", which is as much a product of his deep south upbringing as his stint as a Marine sniper.

No-Soul (Another "No-Soul" Ginger)

  • This is my storage toon.  I created her strictly so she could be my private cabal for storage space.  I hand her the museum crap I don't need yet, and she puts it in the cabal bank until I'm rich enough or bored enough to build up my museum.
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