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DPS, Healer

I’m Jason. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Psychology. Currently, I work for the State of Nebraska at the OCIO Service Desk.

In my spare time, I have too many hobbies and interests to list.  When relaxing, I can be found either in the back yard watching the cats (I have 3) while sipping a homebrew or at the computer spending 'quality online time' with my wife (who plays 'Mayday') playing the latest MMO. I enjoy reading Science Fiction/Fantasy but my bookcase contains a wide variety of knowledge/enjoyment. Jane’s Aircraft Encyclopedia, The Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln, Japanese for Dummies, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy”, The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft, and  Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings.

Little known facts: I'm married to the player of 'Mayday'. I have a pilot's license. I've studied Ninjutsu and met the grandmaster of the art. I've made my own beer. I’ve canoed over 50 miles in Canada. I've found ancient 2,000 year old coins while excavating a lost city. I've had a shot of whiskey with the late Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel from Star Wars: The Empire Strike’s Back; Hitler from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). I’ve swam in the Red Sea. I was once ranked third in the State for fencing Saber. I helped start a Science Fiction convention. I once flew from the middle of the United States to Manchester, England for the weekend. I have touched an operational SR-71 Blackbird. The most exotic pet I've had was an Emperor Scorpion. I've broken a leg, 2 toes, a rib, an elbow, and a finger (all mine).

Dussak (Academy)

Originally, Samantha Franklin was designed for the RPG Silver Age Sentenels. The character then evolved to "Electro-girl" for my character in the MMO City of Heroes. The character then saw 'life' again in The Secret World. And now, Secret World Legends. The nickname of Sam515 pays homage to the history of the character. I imagine Sam using the nickname of Sam515 on online forums. The Character Profile below represents the original version. Adapting the background to post-Tokyo bomb "bee-stung", but keeping the same core personality is the next step.

Name: Franklin, Samantha “Sam” Faye                                       Core Power: Electrokenetic


Date of Birth: March 19, 1984.                                               Hand: 515                            King: Door


Birth Location: New Bedford, MA                                           Hometown: Martha’s Vineyard, MA / Washington D.C., USA


Physical Power: Average Teenage Human Female. Has been steadily increasing since joining D-52.


Mental Power: Above Average Human Level.  Beginning to show focus.


Physical Profile: Female. 18 years old. Slim. Long straight light brown hair blond highlights.  Brown eyes, glow ice blue when power is used.  Quite attractive.  Dresses in top of the line/designer clothing. 


Psychological Profile: Sam has a tendency to want her own way and become upset when it’s not handed to her on a silver platter.  If denied to her, she will find a way to get what she wants, either through manipulation or by purchasing it out right.  Sam’s intelligence is higher than average, and she has an aptitude for the sciences, as long as she can focus on her studies without the distraction of gossip or teenage diversions.  She has begun to realize that she will not always get her own way, and that no amount of money or power will guarantee it.  She tries to keep her life in D-52 and her former life separate, in an almost split-personality.

Alone, she is often depressed and moody.  She gets agitated easily, and lashes out at the source of agitation.  Sam’s parents are a sore spot, and she rarely discusses them other than in a brief passing statement.  She blames her parents for not caring enough about her, but respects her father enough to keep her abilities secret and out of the public eye.  When feeling rebellious, she finds comfort in cutting loose in the night club scene.  She enjoys loosing herself in the bright lights and ambient noise of the crowded dance floors, possibly drawing some kind of energy from the high electrical output.

In D-52, she is more outgoing and creative.  She will take a position of authority and leadership if nobody else fills the role, but out of what she feels is necessity rather than self-worth or ego.  Her loyalty for her teammates is strong and she would do almost anything to save any of them.  Although maturing, she still has moments of less-than-clear reasoning.  Placing her with a focused or mature hand may encourage her development.


Background: Born in New Bedford, Mass. and raised by her parents in Washington DC, summering in Martha’s Vineyard.  She was always second to her father’s career in Politics.  She was the typical spoiled, rotten, rich girl.  During the early years, her father’s image was foremost in family matters.  Sam kept this in mind well into her teens.

Beginning at the age of sixteen, her powers began to manifest.  Slowly at first, but always uncontrolled.  When she became stressed or upset a light bulb would short out, or the car engine would die. Neither her nor her parents suspected Sam was anything beyond a normal teenager.

She enjoyed the summers South of the Cape.  When she was young, a friend’s parents would take her out camping on the East shores of the island.  She learned both boating and how to fly small aircraft, earning her pilot’s license when she turned seventeen.  The winters were usually spent in the suburban sprawl of Washington D.C.  Her family lived in Arlington, Virginia.  Sam spent most of her time either alone at home, or in the crowded malls of the city, making friends with the other “mall rats”.  Her mall friends eventually introduced her to the club scene, which most of them were too young to legally do.  They did, however, all manage to somehow obtain doctored identification, allowing them to enjoy themselves, as long as they avoided close scrutiny.

This changed after Sam turned seventeen.  Late one evening she wanted to go out with her friends.  Her parents said, “No.” because the family had to be up early the next morning for a press conference for her father.  Things escalated into an argument with Sam being grounded.  Sam stormed off to her room, claiming that life wasn’t fair.  When her door slammed, every light bulb in the house exploded and every electrical device was permanently shorted out.

The next day, after her father’s press conference it was announced that Sam was being sent to finish her last two years of high school at a boarding school.  Sam’s father thought it was best that her daughter be sent away to someone that could handle her and teach her to control her temper rather than let the political circles he ran in learn that his daughter was some freak.

It was under those circumstances that Sam was sent off to a facility that would take care of her.  Her father left her with enough money to provide for her for the two years she would be there.  After spending two years in the facility, she would hopefully learn to control her outbursts, and return to the side of her concerned parents.  Once there, however, she was introduced to the world of D-52.

During Sam’s year in D-52 she has begun to develop an understanding of her powers.  She also has begun to accept them and the potential that they may have.  She has also begun to learn restraint, teamwork, and even leadership. Sam still likes to enjoy herself. She frequents the clubs and bar scene in Omaha and other cities when able. She has found that in the Midwest, the press isn’t as hungry for a story as they are in the New England area.  Being strongly independent, Sam believes that she is just as capable as any other Jacks in D-52, given the time, training, and opportunity to do so.  She believes that by excelling in D-52, she will be able to loosen her restrictions and given more opportunities.