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Character name: Medraut "Gebbeth" Brude

Role and Level:  DPS L50, IP 800, 30% Glance reduction (Gearing)

Player pic: (scroll to bottom of linked page)

Player Location: Dallas, Texas

Time Zone: CST/CDT

VoIP:  Mumble, Discord NOT installed (new computer)

Story Progression: South Africa.

Wings: Blue 

Play: I really enjoy both the PVE/Story and team events. I'm usually up for anything; Dungeons, Scenarios, Lairs, Champion/Lore hunts, mission help, whatever - feel free to PM me. I am less active now, mostly playing on the weekends. 

Builds: Gebbeth is DPS using shadow-bound elementalism (only), adding pistols for an interrupt or a shotgun for Scenarios. 

Museum:  The Oddities exhibit is Paragon. All of Egypt, New England's Draug and Legends, and the Hell exhibits are Superior, all other wings are completed as Classic, except those not yet available in SWL (Gaia's guardians). My featured exhibit is my Paragon Succubus (adults only). Visitors are welcome by special arrangement.

Agents: 12+ Agents, but not many at L50 yet.

Alts: SugarMe is a Chaos/Shotgun Tank, but only L25, and just starting to be active again, CarlNevada is Pistols (only) DPS, and is the subject of my Blog.

TSW: Silvatomorrow played TSW for about a year, mostly only solo PVE,  but some PVP and did all the dungeons in Elite, once. She made it to Tokyo, but did not do well there - which was about when I traded TSW for a new pool room. My proudest achievement for Silva was the orchestration of 2 cabal motorcycle races. Fun Stuff!



Character Intro:

... Jonas Lopez took the flight to Maine, and drove in to Kingsmouth. His memory blackouts got longer and more frequent, and he started having nightmares he could never remember. He looked up Reverend Henry Hawthorne but there was no help there. He skipped the local doctor. The Raven's Knock had helped more - maybe - Madame Rogêt had semi-hypnotized him to remembering something - not the face of his attacker, but the moment of attack, a black shadow like a misshapen headless ape - all smoking black, long claws, leaping at him. She'd called it a Gebbeth...


Medraut Brude - not his real name, maybe a compromise?

The name rolled around in his head, why Medraut? Medraut was Mordred, bastard of King Arthur and his sister Morgause, the traitor. 1,000 years ago. Mordred, boy from the sea. Brude's son, Brude and Sula, Brude - 150 years of Pict kings all named Brude... Brude. What was the other name, the first name, the human name? ... nothing... not even scraps...  gone. Mordred then – Medraut, Medraut Brude.

Medraut lay on his back in the wet sand watching the night sky, letting memories wash up one wave at a time, looking at each memory casually, as if he was walking through a museum browsing exhibits. He needed to find somebody, here in Kingsmouth. He was supposed to kill somebody  -who? A name, Beaumont, just a name. What was he doing out here? He needed to get moving.

Medraut sat up in the sand and looked around in the fog-shrouded pre-dawn New England town. All around him were the Vikings, sea-zombies, the Draug. A huge Dreyrugr and three sea witches watched him patiently, waiting to see what he would do...

Full Backstory:

SugarMe Backstory:


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