PvP tips Written by Lisiasty

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Few tips for PvP in Secret World.


PvP arenas offer "Equal footing" mechanics - all basic statistics are based on your chosen role (DPS/Healer/Tank).

That means your gear and agents doesn't work the same in PvP situations.

Without going for a in-depth analysis:

  • Talismans, glyphs, weapon tiers and lvls doesn't matter at all (You want them to be purple at least for signets)
  • Signet bonusues, extraordinary talismans applies their bonuses on top of set attributes.
  • Due to attributes being overwritten it's better to pick passive/agent bonuses that adds % not a flat bonus. 
  • CC chains are usually real issue. Facing most of enemy players means that you'll be throwed around all the time. Most of anti-cc gadget's or skills doesn't work for pulls or knockups so only way to survive this is to overheal or mitigate damage. 
  • Anima allocation works partially - 51% > healing means 2x energy bonus for healing weapons. It doesn't impact any other attributes as I know

PvP arenas that have Equal footing: Shambala, Seoul Fight Club

PvP arenas without scaling: New York and London finght clubs


If you need any help with PvP build let me know :)