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Zweihänder (PvE) Division

Why have a PvE Division?

The Zweihänder (PvE) Division
exists in partnership with all members of Nine Swords to build a better world by removing the presence of evil. We are the champions of good. Yes, we have license to kill and we use it! Often.

PvE stands for "Player versus the Environment" - in essence this is the heart of The Secret World. It includes missions of all sorts including dungeons and raids. You are "PvE-ing" when you are playing "against" the game's (Secret World: Legends) AI itself - often we will call these mobs or bosses. There are other divisions in Nine Swords as well. If the focus is to play against other players (avatars or PCs), this is usually called PvP (Player versus Player). If it is more socially oriented and you are creating story lines "between the players and the environment" then this is usually called RP (role-playing).

Members within the PvE Division are expected to organize at least one PvE event by scheduling it on the calendar at least once a week if not more often. However, ad-hoc organization of events (dungeon, lair, regional, missions, etc.) are also acceptable if/when game-time is unpredictable.

We work hard and we play hard! We must NOT become complacent and let evil have its ways! 

To learn more or perhaps even join the Zweihänder (PvE) Division, visit our forums.