Misericorde: Who We Are

The Misericorde, also known as the PvP Department, is focused on the PvP (player versus player) activities of Nine Swords. 9S as a whole is not a PvP-only cabal, however we do wish to encourage, prepare, and guide our members through this play style.


We are not the PvP army of 9S, but more of the boot camp, tacticians, and officers in the battlefield of the secret war. If a member of 9S is seeking help with PvP, we are the people to speak with. All members of 9S are encouraged to get their hands bloody, and we are here to help.


Misericorde members will need to have a love for PVP and be willing to help, teach, and encourage others. These members will host and manage workshops, tournaments, discussions, experimentation, and raids all related to PvP. They will also have to realize that some players simply do not enjoy PvP.


The Misericorde will encourage not only to "just try it" but also sharpen the Cabal and prepare us all as best as we can for the battles to come.