Sharpening the Blades

Sharpening the Blades is an event run by our Academy team. The idea behind the event is to have a moment with new members to see how they have experienced being in Nine Swords so far.

Whether you are:

  • New to Nine Swords
  • Perhaps never been to a "Sharpening the Blades" before
  • Or just like hanging out with fellow Swords

All our members are welcome to come along to the event. It is important to us that we give our members the opportunity to come and chat with us to share experiences of being in the cabal. It is also possible to come along and just ask a question to the Academy team or any leaders that are present.

The event is run periodically, depending on whether we have welcomed new members to the cabal, and although is open to all our members to attend - is focussed on the following topics

  • First impressions of Nine Swords by our new members
  • Whether new members have had teaming opportunities so far, or if they need help with that
  • Impressions of our communication resources (Website / Twitter / Facebook etc. )
  • Making sure new members are aware of where to find information about the cabal (Directives, Newsletter etc.)