The Dussack Division

Training, Discipline, Retention

Welcome to the Dussack division of Nine Swords. This division is comprised of three areas: Advancement and Training, Membership Retention, and Discipline. Our members are dedicated to helping keep everyone in Nine Swords on the right track. This means that we will help to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in their chosen fields of expertise to enhance their performance doing the things they love.


The main role of the Academy is to provide workshops to support our members in gaining knowledge about all things related to Secret World: Legends and Nine Swords (in another word: Advancement). The Academy team develop ideas together as an active and integral part of our cabal. Though a large focus is on new members in the cabal, support is given to all members that want it.

The Academy

Why do we have an Academy?

Think back over your time playing online games. How often have you joined a guild or a cabal and then just not really known what to do next, or where you could help the group to grow. Sharpening the Blades sessions, held by our Academy team help to overcome this problem by giving guidance to our members.

Many of our new members are willing to try all kinds of game content, but they are shy to sign up because things seem complicated (and they are sometimes). Once they join a cabal group they do become enthusiastic about it, and that's very good. The workshops our Academy holds will support this and help new and older members alike in Nine Swords feel part of the cabal, help them become more involved – and empower them!

Giving our members the opportunity to take part in a workshop and ask questions about something they are unsure about can help our members considerably.

If you would like to be part of the 9S Academy you don't need to be an expert of everything - you just need the drive to share what you do know, and a desire to help people find their way, whether it is with:

  • Scenarios
  • Dungeons
  • Roleplaying
  • PvP
  • or anything else in SW:L


Discipline doesn't just mean punishment. It also means dedication toward a cause or direction. Finding one's way. The Dussack division is here to help you with the discipline to succeed as an active member of Nine Swords and act as a guide in following the path you you have chosen. If that means you want to learn how to use a particular build, we'll help find members of the cabal or outside resources to assist you. If you want to learn how to stay alive in a specific boss fight, we'll direct you toward our PVE division for a few runs.

Unfortunately, when you bring any group of people together, conflicts may arise. The Dussack division also deals with working toward a resolution of these conflicts. If your path no longer coincides with Nine Swords, we'll help guide you back toward the Nine Swords way.


Attrition occurs in every group as members drift off or wander away. It falls to the Dussak division to seek out members who have wandered away and to reach out to them. Inviting members to become active again in the Secret World community and the Nine Swords cabal.

If a member has decided to no longer remain a member of Nine Swords or the Secret World it  is ultimately the choice of the member. It is the Dussack division that seeks out the cause, determines if there is something that can be done about it, and brings the causes to leadership attention. If the member chooses not to return as an active member of Nine Swords, the Dussak division will follow the necessary steps to keep the cabal roster up to date.