Nine Swords Workshops

Workshops aim to help our members by offering information about our cabal, by supporting our members in increasing their skill bases (skills like communication or team leading) or in learning your role better in dungeons, raids or in general.

Available workshops

Introduction to Nine Swords

This workshop provides an overview to how Nine Swords works, what we expect from our members and how you can get involved in the cabal. Aimed at new members to the cabal, but may also be attended by older members.

Mastering the Forums

This workshop is aimed at any member of Nine Swords who wishes to improve how they can navigate their way around our website and forums. It provides an overview of how to access and update your profile, as well as using tools like our calendar.

Communication Workshop I

This workshop looks at how you can communicate effectively using our in-game cabal chat channel, Voice chat, Forums. Aimed at all cabal members.


Signing up for a workshop

If you like to participate in a workshop, look out for one being scheduled via our Noticeboard forum area. 


Becoming a teacher

If you like to teach one of our workshops, please contact our leadership team directly. The leader will directly discuss with you about your area of expertise and help you design a workshop that we can use within the cabal.