Nine Swords division overview

Nine Swords Divisions

Nine Swords is split into nine divisions. These divisions help to plan events, support the cabal and help to maintain an active community.

Nine Swords - Leadership

The Leadership Division

The leadership division for Nine Swords encompasses our Commander, as well as all top ranking leaders from each of our divisions. While it can be considered as the command staff, it is formally a division on the same level as the other eight. As such, unless there is a strong reason not to do otherwise, both strategy decisions as well as regular operational issues are usually handled by the other specialized divisions.

The responsibilities for the Leadership Division are:

  • Final internal point of escalation for disputes, grievances or similar.
  • Ensuring that all divisions work together well and in a coordinated manner, especially in areas where responsibilities overlap.
  • Inspire and Lead the cabal on a day to day basis

Nine Swords - PVE

The Zweihänder Division

Welcome to the Zweihänder Division. We do one thing here and one thing only. We kill things. Living things. We kill them, take their desecrated remains, plunder them, and move on to the next living thing. Then we kill it. We do not ask ourselves, "Does this Vampire have a family to feed? Maybe he is just misunderstood." Or do we?

The main tasks for the Zweihänder Division are:

  • To organize and participate in boss runs, raids, campaign events and special events
  • Mastering monster tactics

Nine Swords - Events

The Events Division

Our Events division plays a central role in Nine Swords by making sure the fun never stops! 

The main tasks for the division are:

  • In partnership with other divisions within the cabal, our Events division will endeavour to plan grand scale cabal events over the course of each year.
  • Individual Divisions are encouraged to call upon the Event division team for all their event planning needs.

Nine Swords - PVP

The Misericorde Division

Welcome to the Misericorde Division, the main tasks for this division are:

  • Preparing all 9S members for PVP combat. Helping them get used to the mechanics. The goal is that while not all 9S members will enjoy PVP they will have the tools and mentality to do so if they need to defend themselves.
  • Preparing Misericorde members to lead, follow, and carry an attitude of confidence and respect for our allies, and enemies.
  • Sharpening the skills of the cabal through PVP events such as tournaments, and fight nights. 

Nine Swords - Public Relations

The Estoc Division

Nine Swords Estoc Division is at the forefront of communication, internally and externally to the cabal.

  • Actively maintaining internal and external communication
  • Advertising
  • Creating and maintaining good cabal image
  • Nine Swords Newsletter

Nine Swords - Academy

The Dussack Division

It is the aim of Dussack to help every member find their place in the cabal and ensure everyone is taught what they need to know within Nine Swords.

  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Sharpening the Blades
  • Observation of the personnel needs of divisions

Nine Swords - Research

The Pen Division

The Pen division is the source of knowledge for the entire cabal. If someone has a question, we have the answer.

  • The Bestiary
    • Depositing and categorizing the information into our bestiary for later use
    • Going out into the field and combating monsters to learn more about them
  • Lore research and discussion
  • Guides

Nine Swords - Recruitment

The Hook Swords Division

The Hook Swords Division, primarily invests its resources into finding new members for Nine Swords and offering them the opportunity to join. The division is at the forefront of building a strong community of active and friendly individuals within the cabal.

The main tasks for the Hook Swords division are:

  • To keep 9S at the front of peoples minds when they are considering joining a cabal
  • To ensure anyone interested in 9S is directed to our application information as well as the cabal directives.
  • To process all applications to join the cabal and recruit accepted applicants
  • To answer all questions or concerns from our new members and help to introduce them to the cabal

Nine Swords - Role-play

The Rapier Division

The Rapier Division is dedicated to role-play. We aim to gather role-players, from the complete beginner to the seasoned role-player, to engage, stimulate and support role-play situations and story arcs, both within Nine Swords and with other cabals and factions.

The main tasks for the Rapier division are:

  • Holding and participating to "in character" gatherings
  • Brainstorming sessions and character development
  • Organizing and participating in roleplaying events
  • Promoting and upholding RP principles
  • Participation in inter-cabal story arcs