Website Guidelines

As a cabal we want to foster a positive environment within our forums. Therefore, we ask that members and guests of our website observe the following guidelines:

  • Common courtesy. Treat other users the way you would like them to treat you.
  • Keep your language in check. What may not be offensive to you could offend someone else.
  • Discuss, but please do not quarrel.
  • No spam or post-count posting.
  • Absolutely no nudity, mp3 files, warez, or linking any posts that contain illegal items.

These guidelines do not consititute an exhaustive list. Please use your common sense. More cabal guidelines on conduct can be read here.


If you do not follow the Nine Swords guidelines, the following sanctions will be applied:

You will receive a written warning via private message with an explanation of why it is felt your actions have been inappropriate. Should you fail to observe the first warning, a second warning will be issued, also via private message.

After two warnings, and if you continue to ignore the guidelines, a temporary ban from the site for 48 hours will be put into action. After the 48 hours, all posts you wish to make will go into a moderator approval queue for a week. Continued failure to observe the Nine Swords guidelines will result in a chat directly with Durendal about your membership in the cabal.