Disciplinary measures

Rules of Conduct
All members of Nine Swords should follow the Nine Swords directives, the Terms of Service/End User License Agreement they accepted when installing The Secret World as well as general morality and local laws. When necessary, leaders of Nine Swords shall remind fellow members to do so.
Failure to follow those rules will result in the following measures being carried out:

  • Verbal Warnings
    A verbal warning will be used to remind our members of our directives, and where necessary explanation will be given to the cabal member by the leader giving the verbal warning. As much as possible, this will be done in a private message or via a tell in-game to the member. Verbal warnings are not disciplinary in nature, but should be considered carefully.


  • Written Warnings
    A written warning will occur when a major problem exists, but the leadership of the cabal prefers to warn the offending member rather than ending their membership. Written warnings shall be directed to the member's forum PM inbox. Leadership will keep copies of written warnings and will consider these written warnings when evaluating membership which is in jeopardy of expulsion.

Removal from Nine Swords
The removal of a cabal member from Nine Swords is a means of last resort, when everything else fails.
The cabal member will be invited to chat with one of our leadership team about the ongoing problems - and in the case that no solution can be found, the person will be removed from Nine Swords.

All members of Nine Swords may object a disciplinary measure that is given to them.
If you are in the position of action being taken against you, and you believe this to be unjust you may choose another cabal leader to reassess the disciplinary measure. In the case of a conclusion that the disciplinary measure is not justified, involved cabal members must agree on a justified way forwards. Should there be a disagreement on the action to be taken, the cabal director shall make the final decision.

Reporting Misconduct
Every member of Nine Swords should feel that they can report to our leadership team if they witness anything that is not ok in the cabal.
This can be done via a Private Message in our forums. The following things should be included in your message:

  • The name of the cabal member that is being reported,
  • A description of what happened,
  • Names of other cabal members that also witnessed it, unaltered screenshots, chat logs.