9S Member Awards

Nine Swords Member Awards are a fantastic way for our leadership team to recognise the hard work, achievements and participation of our cabal members. It is a way for us to show that we see you doing things to positively impact our cabal. The main way we will be awarding you - will be with shiny medals!!   

When you are awarded with a medal (See the My medals page for a listing of your medals), it highlights to other members in our cabal that they could get involved with the same things you are doing! It shines a spotlight on areas where energy and time is being invested into making our cabal even better.

The 9S medals listing we have also shows people outside of the cabal what we are doing, and how involved you all are in the day to day running of the cabal, in progressing your character and getting involved in things going on.


How can you receive an award?

There are multiple things you can do to gain medal awards in Nine Swords

1.      By contributing to our divisions

Some of our divisions have specific tasks that you can do, which will in turn fulfil a requirement to allow you to receive an award. You can see these listed in the overall 9S medals listing. If you know you have fulfilled the requirement to receive a medal award, do not be quiet about it!


2.      One-off awards

There are some awards that you can get by progressing your character in game, or by participating in a given activity. Such as monster hunting or raids. Follow the directions stated by the awards and then shout up loud and proud to our leadership team!


3.      Workshop attendance

We want to support our members in increasing their skill bases. Be it in soft skills like communication or team leading, or in learning your role better in dungeons, raids or in general. Available workshops can be found listed here: Nine Swords Workshops

Workshops will be held periodically and will have sign ups in our Noticeboard forum area. Awards for attendance will be given following a workshop session.


Got an idea for a new award?

Then let us know. Get in touch with the leader that can best support the idea for the award and discuss how it could be developed and used for the cabal.


Further rewards for our members

Periodically, our leaders will review awards for a certain area. Perhaps you could be member of the month for being our most active recruiter, most active team scheduler, or most workshops attended.