Active Membership in Nine Swords

As a cabal, Nine Swords grows steadily and has really amazing in-game and forum activity. Sometimes, as is normal within online communities, people find that they cannot log in for whatever reason - and this is the main reason Nine Swords holds activity checks. To make sure that the people in our divisions are here to run events and help keep our cabal busy with activities, for our leadership team to see where we should be concentrating recruitment efforts (to the cabal and to our divisions) and for people outside our cabal to see whether we really do have a squillion members - or just a handful of active ones!

Nine Swords Activity Check

Nine Swords run activity checks once a year (usually around June to July) based on the in-game cabal data of when someone last logged in. Private Messages via forum PM will be sent to inactive members that have not been seen in the current calendar year.  Cabal members that have not logged into Secret World Legends by the date stated in the private message will be removed from Nine Swords in-game, and access to the Nine Swords Forums will be removed.

How this works:

Notifications will be sent to the member using the Forum message system. By default, this will send a notice to the member's Email account requesting they log in to receive the message.

Any members of 9S who is removed from the cabal is very welcome to join again at a later date.

Activity in our divisions

Activity in our divisions will be monitored by the leaders of those divisions. Members of our divisions actively contribute to (for example) running events, recruitment, upholding directives / cabal processes and helping us maintain an active cabal - therefore, it is expected that the leaders of each division will oversee this.

Leadership activity

The Leadership team of Nine Swords are required to remain an active member of both the website and the game. Leaders that have not logged into the forum or the game for 21 days, and have not communicated a pending "temporarily inactive" status will be will be sent a notification of their inactivity. At 30 days of inactivity, they will be demoted to the rank of Division Member.  To be reinstated as Leader, the demoted member may be promoted upon return to active gaming and demonstration of Leadership commitment subject to the normal Leadership Promotion process.

Cabal Members in TSW 9S

There will not be a set period for activity checks in TSW as we are no longer recruiting there.