General Conduct

All prospective members of Nine Swords should:

  • Read and understand the aim of the cabal. It is important that our new applicants have similar ideals and goals to 9S.
  • Review our Nine Swords directives before applying to join the cabal.
  • Submit an application with as much information as possible, in order to join Nine Swords.

All members of Nine Swords will:

  • Remember that they are representing the cabal at all times.
  • Show respect to our community.
  • Use our communication resources responsibly and considerately.
  • Keep themselves up to date with guidelines set out within our Cabal Directives.

The Leadership of Nine Swords will:

  • Settle disputes between members that cannot be resolved otherwise. Any member who repeatedly violates our general conduct will be removed from Nine Swords.
  • Work towards ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.
  • Take on tasks and duties in order to make things work smoothly for the cabal as a whole. This is done to ensure the environment within the cabal remains and continues to be a positive one.

Funcom's Rules of Conduct have precedence over our internal rules. Our members are expected to follow them.

Please review the Directives page to find more information regarding membership in Nine Swords.