Grievance Procedures

Problems and conflicts can arise within a cabal, and sometimes with external players. When a problem arises, first try to settle it between yourselves.

If you cannot resolve the matter together, you can turn to our 9S Leadership team. However, if you feel that going to the chain of command may cause drama to spread or if you don't feel it is an appropriate channel considering the matter at hand, then hopefully the tips in this directive will help you.

At any given time, any player from any cabal or faction can use the mechanisms provided by Funcom for such cases. Therefore, we will not cover them extensively here.

Harassment Procedure

Harassment and abuse can happen in any game, either from players outside or inside the cabal. This directive details how Nine Swords addresses harassment.

Harassment from a Nine Swords member

Nine Swords cabal members found to be harassing other players (inside or outside the cabal) will face consequences as detailed in the disciplinary measures.

If you are harassed by a member of Nine Swords, please follow these steps:

  • Ask the player to stop, in polite and clear terms.
  • Take a screenshot (unedited) of you asking the person to stop.
  • If the player continues after being asked to stop: take another screenshot
  • File a complaint with Nine Swords leadership. If you have images relevant to the complaint, please include the logs and links to all images along with your complaint.
  • If you reported the Nine Swords member to a GM, you may of course choose to include the petition and your conversation with the GM.

Harassment from players outside the cabal

You can put any harassing player on your ignore list. You can also report that player to their cabal leader; however, not all cabal leaders will take it into consideration. You may be required to give proof of what you say. It is worth a try, but we cannot promise it will be followed up. You can also report that player to the GMs by using the petition system. If you make a petition to a Funcom GM be precise in who is harassing you and how, and mention that you already asked him/her to stop.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process is designed to address general problems, including harassment, that have failed to be resolved after attempting the following actions:

  • Solving it between yourselves
  • Going up the chain of command

If a grievance requires escalation, you may directly approach our leadership team for mediation through the following steps:

  1. Submit the initial grievance to the Commander of Nine Swords via PM.
  2. The leadership will choose a medium through which all necessary interaction can happen and which allows it to be documented.
  3. An assigned mediator will work with both parties to find a solution acceptable for the parties involved; or, in the case of severe disagreement, he or she will find a solution in the best interests of the cabal.
  4. The mediation will be kept private.