Enlisting in divisions

Did you ever join a raiding guild to discover later that you'd rather like a PvP guild? Or join a roleplay guild to find that you would like to do raiding also? It's not fun leaving friends behind to join another guild in order to pursue your calling. This is why Nine Swords has nine Divisions. Our cabal offers opportunities for our members to explore different aspects of the game and maybe dabble in less familiar activities if they feel like trying it out. For an overview of our Divisions and what they are, click here.


Enlisting in a division

As member, you can join the Division that is focused on your favourite activity. When you join a Division, you're not limited solely to this aspect of the game! You should still get involved in anything else in the cabal that interests you. Joining a division helps us see where your main focus is and you can contribute to the activities that your Division handles. It is not a "once and for all" choice. If your favourite interest changes along the road, you can join another Division that handles the area of activities you want to focus on to help Nine Swords grow.

You are not limited to play only within the scope of your Division, but you can only be part of one Division at a time. Several reasons motivated this choice:

  • Being part of one Division helps members focus on what they're doing and promotes following up on and completion of projects.
  • It is easier to organize activities, knowing how many people can be relied on to make it happen. Nobody can reasonably expect large scale activities from a Division that has 2 members, while a Division manned by dozens of members can carry out significant initiatives.
  • It makes it easier to see if a Division needs a recruitment initiative by looking at the roster of each Division.
  • Players with a common interest can gather to present initiatives or projects, knowing that they have enough people to carry them out.

Enlisting in a Division is not mandatory. Members enlisting in a Division are doing so because they want to contribute to the Cabal and help their Division to prosper. This is why promotion only occurs through enlistment into a Division.


Switching to another division

Switching to another Division is possible at all times. We encourage our Cabal members to join Divisions that complement the member's skill base. It's perfectly fine to switch divisions after talking with your division leader, and the leader of the division you wish to join.

Each Division may have different requirements or procedures for enlisting. See each Division for details or contact one of the relevant Division leaders.


Going "Division-less"

If you leave a Division, you don't have to sign up right away with another Division. You can take the time to explore if you need time to see what your calling is.