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In Ferro Veritas 

25 Sep 2022 UTC
Final day: [Competition] Spot the Differences
Time to go: 0 days 07 hours and 20 minutes

26 Sep 2022
05:00PM - 05:15PM UTC
SM NY Raid
Time to go: 2 days 00 hours and 20 minutes

27 Sep 2022
05:30PM - 06:15PM UTC
Time to go: 3 days 00 hours and 50 minutes

29 Sep 2022
04:15PM - 04:45PM UTC
5-Sword Lair
Time to go: 4 days 23 hours and 35 minutes

29 Sep 2022
06:55PM - 08:00PM UTC
Casual PvP - Thursday Trios
Time to go: 5 days 02 hours and 15 minutes