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  1. Introduction


The achievements for "Fusion" all involve fusing maximum level items together to make the next level up item. For any Fusion you want to carry out, you will need to open the Upgrade window using SHIFT+Y

When you are in this window, you can put the item you have that you want to fuse into the top left item slot. Double check that it is really the item you want to upgrade and fuse with your second item. The fusion is not reversible. 

As a further example:

Getting all of the achievements for "Fusion" will give you a total of 70 Achievement Points.  



 Field Upgrade
 Objective:  Perform 10 item empowerments
  • 5 Achievement Points 


 Objective:  Perform 50 item empowerments
  • 5 Achievement Points 


 Some Assembly Required
 Objective:  Perform 100 item empowerments
  • Title: Crafty
  • 5 Achievement Points 


 Homemade Swiss Army Knife
 Objective:  Perform 500 item empowerments
  • 10 Achievement Points 


 My Gun is Higher Level Than Yours
 Objective:  Perform 1000 item empowerments
  • Clothing: Anansi wireless headphones, white
  • 10 Achievement Points 


 Always Prepared for Adventure
 Objective:  Perform 5000 item empowerments
  • Agartha's Light
  • Title: DIY
  • 25 Achievement Points