Medals Name Description Awarded
Monster Hunter Completed all monster hunts and filled out our hunter spreadsheet to prove it! 2
New York Raider Participated in a successful NYR with 9S 17
Lair Raider Complete all lairs and show us your jacket to prove it. 5
Workshop Introduction to Nine Swords Attended the Introduction to Nine Swords Workshop 6
Champion of Champions Defeat all champions and show us your killing machine jacket 6
Active Steps As a member of our PvE division, you have shown energy and positive activity scheduling and running events. 0
Advertiser Advertise the cabal positively ingame, or via social media and be noticed doing it. 0
Interviewer Submit an interview for The Sword's Edge that you have carried out. 0
Marketing Create advertising posters for our cabal (Twitter & Facebook format) 0
Paparazzi Take screenshots at one of our large cabal events and post them for our community on Twitter during the event, or create a photo album following the event for us to enjoy! 0
Community Event Announcer As a member of our PR division, add community events to our Website Calendar and make posts in our Noticeboard forum to gain interest and attendance from our members 0
Successful referral Awarded following the successful referral of a new recruit - if you help someone decide to apply to join Nine Swords, ask the applicant to state your name in their application text. 3
Events Donor Donate items for give-away prizes in a special event contest 0
Events Demagogue Run part of an event, such as a contest 0
Event Think Tank Contribute to event brainstorming 0
Events Mastermind Shepherd an event from idea conception to execution 1
Workshop Mastering the Forums Awarded following attendance of the Mastering the forums workshop 5
Honing the Blades Bronze Thank you for attending at least 2 Honing the Blades 2019 events! 12
Honing the Blades Silver Thank you for attending at least 4 event for Honing the Blades 2019! 6
Honing the Blades Gold Thank you for attending all of the events for Honing the Blades 2019! 0