Medals Name Description Awarded
Monster Hunter Completed all monster hunts! Thank you for posting a picture of you in your jacket! 7
New York Raider Participated in a successful NYR with 9S 19
Lair Raider Completed all lairs and shown us your jacket to prove it! Congratulations! 10
Workshop Introduction to Nine Swords Attended the Introduction to Nine Swords Workshop 6
Champion of Champions Defeat all champions and show us your killing machine jacket 6
Active Steps As a member of our PvE division, you have shown energy and positive activity scheduling and running events. 0
Advertiser Advertise the cabal positively ingame, or via social media and be noticed doing it. 3
Interviewer Submit an interview for The Sword's Edge that you have carried out. 0
Marketing Create advertising posters for our cabal (Twitter & Facebook format) 1
Paparazzi Take screenshots at one of our large cabal events and post them for our community on Twitter during the event, or create a photo album following the event for us to enjoy! 0
Community Event Announcer As a member of our PR division, add community events to our Website Calendar and make posts in our Noticeboard forum to gain interest and attendance from our members 0
Successful referral Awarded following the successful referral of a new recruit - if you help someone decide to apply to join Nine Swords, ask the applicant to state your name in their application text. 9
Events Donor Donate items for give-away prizes in a special event contest 1
Events Demagogue Run part of an event, such as a contest 0
Event Think Tank Contribute to event brainstorming 0
Events Mastermind Shepherd an event from idea conception to execution 2
Workshop Mastering the Forums Awarded following attendance of the Mastering the forums workshop 5
Honing the Blades Bronze Thank you for attending at least 2 Honing the Blades 2019 events! 12
Honing the Blades Silver Thank you for attending at least 4 event for Honing the Blades 2019! 6
Honing the Blades Gold Thank you for attending all of the events for Honing the Blades 2019! 0