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Issue 59: 9th March 2022 - Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve.

A massive surge of activity has rocked Nine Swords this last couple of months. The momentum is astounding, and I can only hope that more of our members can continue to take part and keep enjoying it so the energy remains just as strong. The feedback I have received over the past weeks from our members has been nothing but positive. I am truly thankful that those of you who have stepped up to run things are doing as much as you are. The fact is, is that you are not only running the events, but helping more of our members and our community learn about mechanics, how things work in game.. and supporting each team member to the point where they also see a change in themselves. There is nothing quite like being in a lair where there is someone struggling but the communication is on point. You remain patient, your words are consistently kind and you invest your time. 

One of our members witnessed this in a lair we ran quite recently, and I was incredibly touched by his words - so I am going to share the experience here.  It was a regular Blue Mountain Lair run - one where you know that the raid leader shared the missions, you did it too - you saw people clicking the rock. No-one said they were unsure.. but we get to the bosses, and there is one person not using the heart. There was no grumpy-ness, no blaming and shaming .. just helping, so we could all move on together to finish. And one of our members who was present sent me a tell, and told me - "That was me. That was how I was before I knew what to do. But now I have had help, I know what to do." 

It could be easy to forget, in our Secret World when we play it as much as we do that there are people around us that need extra explanations and guidance - just like in our real lives, how something one person can do.. another person just needs a different way of explaining it or being shown exactly what is meant. Your interactions matter. The communication matters. Just a game? Well, we are here to have fun - and the more people that we take on the journey, mean that the journey for all of us is fuller, bigger and brighter.

As many of you likely saw in the ingame Message of the Day, based on our desire to maintain the positive, inclusive, and friendly atmosphere of Nine Swords our leadership team spent time these last few weeks making a small update to our General Conduct directive. 

We hope you enjoy this months issue of our cabal newsletter. 

See you in game,

 ~ Katelin

You can't have your cake and eat it!

By Katelin

You can't have your cake and eat it .. unless you are Rifla, and you now have SO MUCH cake that the chance of ever being able to eat all of it is a pipe dream *grins*

Whether or not Rifla manages to encourage the whole SWL Community to run that many raids in the next year is to be seen - but I know that over the two weeks of the valentines event in our Secret World that there was a whole lot of teaming up and sharing the love! 

The Valentine's Event in our Secret World, even without the hourly portal and daily log in rewards that other events have, encouraged lots of activity within Nine Swords. And whether the Soulmate matched you up with your perfect match or not this Valentine's - it was lovely seeing you all in your lounge wear... whatever the occasion. Thank you to everyone that ensured that Valentines Bags were opened to help each other get cosmetic items they were missing - lots of teddies were traded, which was a lovely change to owls! 

Wordsearch: Solution from Issue 58

By Waspstar

Did you find all the words? 

  • Krampus
  • Hell Fallen
  • Dark Agartha
  • Jack o lantern
  • Locusts
  • Lurker
  • The Horned God
  • Milosh
  • Stationmaster
  • Gozen
  • Mara 



Nine Swords: The Game

By Waspstar

Back in October, I decide to make some homebrew SWL content because ‘no new content’ was a common complaint.

I checked out several options and settled on trying to make a standalone Nine Swords game in Unity.

I’ve spent the past four months playing with mechanics, and working out what’s feasible and what isn’t [for me]. Alongside that, I’ve written a main story that works within the project’s limitations.

What I don’t have is a bunch of nice screenshots—most art and visuals will come later.

Below is one shot, at least: the functioning mission / dialogue systems within the 3D world.

Here’s a Q&A for the curious:

Q: What type of game would it be?
A: Close to SWL in the way it plays. A third-person, story-driven single player, with missions, NPCs, and combat elements. Choices will have consequences.

Q: Will it be a full length game?
A: No. If all goes to plan, this will be ‘Episode One’, with further instalments if it’s any good, if people want more, and if I can find the time and energy (it takes a lot).

Q: Will it feature characters from SWL?
A: I won’t be directly using any Funcom intellectual property.

Q: What about the story?
A: The main story follows the protagonist’s search for the truth about her husband’s death / murder. His association with Nine Swords leads her to a sinister coastal village in England, a paranormal hotspot.

Q: How will it tie in with SWL?
A: The focus is Nine Swords. But I also hope to have loot caches that require input codes based on info found within SWL.

Q: When will it be finished?
A: Can you hear me laughing? The aim is end of October, to roughly coincide with 9S tenth anniversary. I’ll do my best. As with anything, real life could decide otherwise.

Note from Kate: Noone tell Waspstar that our Anniversary is in June, he might get anxious!

Q: How can I get involved?
A: I would love the game to be something that many of us had a hand in making. Here are some ideas; you may have more:

  • Are you an artist — any style, any level? There’ll be lots of places to put your work in the game — everything from flyers, framed pictures on a walls, signs, character portraits, and art for cutscenes.
  • Would you like to write your own side mission, maybe set by your in-character? It would need to run alongside the main story, and be within my technical abilities. But why not?
  • Voice acting. I ditched the plan for full voice acting because it puts restrictions on the number of characters and dialogue branching. But if you’d like to leave a recorded message to be found in game, we can do that.
  • Think up a puzzle.
  • There will be collectable lore. Write a couple, if you like. About your character’s history, or anything else that fits.
  • Texts are found at various places in the game. These could be notes, letters, or entire short stories with a SWL / Nine Swords feel.

Here’s a shot of the current in-game note screen:

Since I started this project, a good thing has happened.

Some of our new Swords, along with existing stalwarts, have upped the activity at peak times. It turns out that regular activity and fun company is what we *really* needed.

And so, for the best reasons possible, trying to make new content isn’t as important as it seemed to be back last Oct.

Nonetheless, I hope this Nine Swords game makes it to the finish line as one way of marking an amazing ten-year legacy. If you’re interested in being involved, drop me a note on the forum.

~ Wasp

Scheduling & Running PvE Events

By Katelin

If anyone in our cabal stood up and said they didn't like PvE.. I would be pretty shocked. I mean, other than our ability to stand in Agartha and chat for hours in cabal without actually doing anything, PvE is definitely up there in our top things to do.

Some food for thought on teaming:

There is so much going on, but there can always be more.

  • If you see the same person scheduling ALL THE TIME - give them a day off! Step up and create the team even if the other person is tanking it!
  • New people from the cabal joining the team? Give them some tips in cabal chat before you start.
  • Headed to do a stack of regionals? Take a "Summon FATE" with you so that our members with low inventory space can sell their stuff part way through the run. Summon FATE can be purchased for 3,000 MoF from the Cache Locksmith 
  • Check which Mod's can help you / your team 
  • Short on time but really want to make sure you get a team - schedule the event on our calendar, and post a sign up sheet in our Noticeboard forum. 

Whatever your level, experience and role - you can always find something to set up for yourself and others in the cabal. Sometimes you have to get a bit creative to try to help everyone join in, sometimes you have to accept that game mechanics put restrictions in place. 

If you want to organise something but need help getting started, feel free to use our Event Requests forum area! 

The Secret World in the Real World: Ghost Ships and Cursed Crew

By Waspstar

‘There is a horror story bobbing in Kingsmouth’s harbour. It’s name is Lady Margaret. Listen’

In the best Lovecraftian tradition, one of Kingsmouth’s key stories tells of the return of the ship the Lady Margaret and the mysterious fog it brought with it. The surviving crew metamorphosed and suffered a zombifying malady. [SPOILER ALERT: they enjoyed a less than sunny retirement].

[The Fog, a Debra Hill production / StudioCanal, 1980]

In the world beyond the Secret World, ghost ships and cursed or vanished crews have become horror tropes.

We’ll begin by looking at one popular example; later, I’ll tell you about a little-known but spooky legend that has its roots in reality.

John Carpenter’s film The Fog (1980) is one of the most famous examples of a ghost ship and a cursed crew tale in popular culture.

Carpenter claims that he partly based the film on real events:

‘The plot was based on a true incident in California up the coast by Santa Barbara.

In Goleta, California, in the 1700s, there was a ship coming in with gold on it, and they put out a fire to guide the ship but they put out a phony fire, and it ran out on the rocks so they could rob it.’
[Carpenter, 2020].

Although the plots vary, The Fog fits the bill as one likely inspiration for SWL’s Lady Margaret. We have the ship, the cursed or metamorphosed crew, and the fog itself that heralds the arrival of malevolent supernatural entities just as the Soloman Island fog brings the Draug. The era of the film, released in 1980, also fits with film references elsewhere in Kingsmouth, such as homages to The Shining (1980).

The Fog is just one example of these tropes in popular culture.

We find one or both elements in everything from Pirates of Caribbean, 'X-Files', and 'Supernatural', to games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Resident Evil Revelations, Cryostasis, and The Return of the Obra Dinn. I’m sure you can think of many others!

[The Return of the Obra Dinn, 3909 LLC, 2018]

But ghost ships and cursed crews aren’t a modern invention. Examples recorded in text and literature date back to at least the eighteenth century in works such as Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ (1797). Folklore and oral traditions tell tales of ghost ships and cursed crews that stretch back further still. The most famous of these cases, such as that of the Mary Celeste and the Flying Dutchman, have passed into collective cultural mythology.

Now I’ll tell you about a real-world legend of a cursed crew hardly known outside of its country of origin: the story of the Llanddona witches.

This legend tells of the arrival by boat of a mysterious group of men and women at Llanddona, on the Welsh coast, long, long ago. Despite a fierce storm, the boat managed the miraculous feat of safely reaching its destination without sails, oars, or a rudder to steer. Who on earth would set out to sea without such things?

[Victorian-era Postcard of Llanddona beach below]:

Before long, the boat’s sinister crew set up home on the outskirts of the village. Locals soon came to fear them and their terrifying displays of supernatural power. The witches placed curses on streams, rivers, and wells where their victims bathed and drew water. Livestock fell ill or failed to produce milk. No one dared cross the witches from the boat. Eventually, the locals sent for a wizard to help them but magical misdirection saw to it that he never reached the village.

Although the witches’ power waned over successive generations, fear of them in the real world persisted in the community for hundreds of years, at least until the late 19th century. Some people still commemorate the legend today.

There are many variations on the Llanddona witches legend. Whether they present accurate accounts is open to speculation. But what gives this version an edge is that it includes factual details. People in that region, at the time of the events, lived in constant dread of raiders arriving by sea from Ireland. And so strangers arriving by boat, as in the legend, would indeed prompt suspicion and fear.

More chilling is the historical fact about the fate of some people accused of witchcraft in Ireland. Unlike those in Kingsmouth, who conducted witch-trials themselves, some accusers in Ireland did not want the risk of vengeance. They decided to leave the suspected witches’ fate in the hands of the gods. To do this, they loaded the accused into boats and cast them adrift on the sea. The boats would be without sails, oars, or a rudder to steer.


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Competition for March! 9S Safety BINGO!

By Katelin

It's competition time!!!!

With so many sharp swords in our midst, it is important never to forget that safety comes first! Show us how serious you are about safety in our secret world - and score high in our Nine Swords Safety Bingo.

Head over to our Noticeboard forum to take part Swords! The more bingo points you score, the higher your chance of getting your hands on some prizes.

Issue 60 of The Sword's Edge...

Issue 60 of our cabal newsletter will be released on the 9th May 2022 - see you then!