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Sunday, 20. June 2021, 04:00pm
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by Razorgrin
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Ladies and gentlemens, it is time... for the Nine Swords Ninth Anniversary CRAB BAKE!!! 

We will have a surplus, nay, a BOUNTY of crabs on the grill for everyone to enjoy, Razorgrin will be summoning crabs from 11AM CST until he can no longer stand the sight of crabs. The goal is to summon at least ONE HUNDRED crabs before we all collapse of sunstroke and/or food poisoning. 

Please attend in your finest beach bum getups, swimsuits, sandals, and don't forget the sunscreen! 



Location Agartha

UTC Event times: Sunday, 20. June 2021 04:00pm - Sunday, 20. June 2021
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