Updated by: Chosen-Wan, 2018-05-31

Official Resources

SWL Discord Channel


The official SWL Discord channel is frequented by devs and community manager so if you want the latest news about what's going on with SWL, this is the place to look!



The SWL forums have moved onto the funcom domain along with other funcom games. However given how funcom were a bit late to start these up after the relaunch some people still use Reddit instead as that's what was available at launch.



Much of the information you may expect to find on the forums can also be found here, including some very useful guides.



Whenever I'm having issues such as not being able to log in this is where I go to check first. Most important announcements about the game go out here. Also if you're interested in what the SWL team is up to you can check out the accounts of the community managers Andy and Spynosaur. And I'm sure you can find other SWL employees there as well.

Community Sites

For the sake of staying up to date with SWL I will leave out older pages that you may come across such as unfair or IGN where the guides were made for the previous version of the game, TSW.



Legacy version: http://legacy.tswdb.com/

Although most of the guides haven't been transferred to the SWL version of the site, most of the guides for TSW are still accurate. On TSWDB you can find mission guides, lore (or legends as they're called now) locations and much more. Personally I would recommend this over other similar sites simply due to the quality of the content.



Just as TSWDB this is a page which is in the process of updating their content for the new version of the game. CryGaia is more of a wiki than a site for guides in the sense that it tends to document a lot of information about the missions such as mission tiers and dialogue rather than telling you how to complete the mission.

Holosuite Media - Beyond the Veil


Moving away from the guides and into community news. Beyond the Veil is a weekly podcast with a group of people discussing the game. Occasionally they bring in Funcom employees who are involved in the game for interviews about new content and the future of the game. These podcasts are usually live streamed on Twitch and can be listened to after on the holosuite media website.

The Badgers


The research division of 9S plans on writing up its own Bestiary with hunting guides and other things. However there are other that we rely on as well. The badgers was an initiative started by Spiderbaby and Simond in TSW to make all the 10k monster kill achievements accessible for all players by organizing group farms and documenting information about how to hunt monsters. There have been some updates to the website since the SWL launch but I'm not sure how active they are at the moment.



For the roleplayers this is a resource for news and events concerning roleplaying in SWL.

Learning Resources

Reddit - How to... by MerlinAesalon

Heal: https://www.reddit.com/r/SecretWorldLegends/comments/6p403r/guide_how_to_heal/

DPS: https://www.reddit.com/r/SecretWorldLegends/comments/kn6r73hl/guide_how_to_dps/

Tank: https://www.reddit.com/r/SecretWorldLegends/comments/6obo4h/guide_how_to_tank/

These seem to be the goto guides for how to play different roles in SWL. They discuss some key concepts of the role, how stats work and what type of gear you should probably be using.

Gear and Theorycrafting Spreadsheet


Contains information on for example how certain gear pieces will influence your overall combat power. Useful if you want to compare different pieces, see how your glyphs stats may look at a higher lvl or simply to see what items you can actually obtain in the game and where.

Agent Spreadsheet


Lists everything you need to know about your agents. Where to get them, what bonuses they give and so on.

I'm sure there are other valuable resources out there. I know a few of them can be found within some of the links above even. If there's something you feel is missing that should be here, please reach out to Chosen-Wan.