Guide Contents:

  1. Summary
  2. Notes for this area
  3. Lair overview map
  4. Missions
  5. Lair Boss summoning


The lair is located in the top right corner of the map, in an area called Installation 10. The area is populated with vampires and various mutants. By completing and handing in the three lair missions, each of the team members will receive summoning essences that can be used to summon lair bosses. Read more about how lairs work here: Introduction to Lairs.

It is important that all lair team members pick up all the missions and the schematics before entering the lair. The schematics can be found on the ground right where the missions are. 


Notes for this area

The lair consists of a large outdoor area, and an area inside a building. To complete the "shipping news" quest, the lair team has to get inside the building and head to the lower level. To access the building, the team has to walk up the large fallen tower, as shown on the image below, and jump down: 

CF building access


Lair overview map 



Mission: The Mortal Coil

In addition to super soldier research, the Red Hand had been experimenting with weaponised Tesla coils. Specifically, they were in the developmental stage of a portable military device. 

Tier 1 of 1 

  • Examine the schematics
  • Acquire Primary Coil components
  • Acquire Toroid components
  • Acquire 5 Secondary Coil components
  • Acquire 5 Spark Gap components
  • Acquire 8 Capacitor components

Mission: From Beyond the Iron Curtain

Orochi have a knack for pinpointing areas where the occult festers and the veil between worlds grows thin. Installation 10 is one such place, a conduit of dark power, where Soviet super soldiers are being bred by a force more timeless than the Red Hand. 

 Tier 1 of 1

  • Kill 15 Type-X Assasins
  • Kill 15 Type-X Controllers
  • Kill 8 Type-X Hulks

Mission: The Shipping News

Located inside the Red Hand storage facility is the primary shipping terminal. Upload its data to your society - send them what they need to uncover the details of the recent Red Hand revival. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Locate the shipping terminal inside the base

Lair boss summoning

To summon the lair bosses, the team has to go to one of the summoning platform within the lair. The platform closest to the anima well is marked on the map above. It is located inside one of the buildings. Read more about the Carpathian Fangs lair bosses below.