Nine Swords appreciates you taking the time it takes to go through our application process and to have a brief chat/interview with our recruiting staff. These quick steps will help us determine if the cabal is a good fit for you and to try to ensure you'll find people and playstyles that will make Nine Swords membership an enjoyable experience for you!

The steps we take to ensure a smooth application process:
Further to receiving your application, one of our recruiters starts a new topic within our Public Forum stating your name and that you have applied. 

The topic within our public forum is accessible by our applicants and our members. This is where our members can vouch for you if you are already known to any of them as well as a place where you can communicate directly with our Recruiters. The communication with our Recruiters will likely be regarding the scheduling of a mutually time for your interview. The interview is moreso a friendly chat where we can ask you questions we had further to reading your application as well as a time for any questions you may have pertaining to joining Nine Swords.

It is our aim for this process to take no longer than 5 days, however in some cases this will prove difficult to achieve (specifically where there are timing constraints / conflicts when organising interview times).


Applicant responsibilities:
  • Submit application form
  • Schedule interview time with recruiter
  • Participate in interview
Recruitment responsibilities:
  • Review application
  • Schedule interview time with applicant
  • Conduct interview
  • Inform applicant of decision
For information regarding the process after you've applied, please click here.
To proceed to our application form, please create an account with the web site here. After your account is confirmed, you will be redirected towards the recruitment paperwork.