Guide Contents:

  1. Summary
  2. Summoning Circles
  3. Who can take part in Regional Boss Summoning?
  4. Before heading to summon a Regional Boss
  5. Summoning the Regional Bosses
  6. The Loot


Regional Bosses can be summoned at the Regional Spawn Summoning Circle in either Blue Mountain, City of the Sun God, Besieged Farmlands or Kaidan, depending on the boss being summoned. Regionals that are run within the cabal, are usually also sponsored by the cabal. This is based on at least half the summoning team being made up of Nine Swords members. Regionals that you join outside the cabal, usually require you to contribute a certain amount of essences to the pot for your team to summon. If you are not sure what you need to contribute, ask your raid leader so it is clear before you join and get started. 


Summoning Circles

The Regional Boss Summoning Circles are marked differently to the regular lair boss circles. You will see red markings on them. 

They are located at:

Blue Mountain 345 x 825

To get to the regional summoning circle in Blue Mountain, head to the stairs where you do the 3rd mission of the lair and then go up another flight. There, you will find the summoning circle with the red markings. 


City of the Sun God 510 x 280

From the well nearest to the lair (The Juncture) head up the stairs and straight through the building. Then fall down into the sandy area below. If you do not kill the monsters on the way down, you will be buffed with something that will kill you. If you die, run back in Anima Form and join your team. 


The Besieged Farmlands 1300 x 130

The regional summoning point in Besieged Farmlands can be reached in 2 ways - the first way is to run through the lair, the second.. to embark on some rock climbing. If you want to climb, head from the anima well Hermit's Crossing over the bridge to your left then start jumping up the rocks as shown below. 


Keep working your way up and left across the rocks and you will get to the regional summoning point. Check out the video below if you want to see the full route. 



Kaidan 940 x 1010

The regional spawn point in the Kaidan lair is reached by taking the left side around the central boss summoning building, through towards the garden in the left back corner and as soon as you are in that garden, following it around to the right side. The regional spawn area has a blue wall just like you see in a dungeon and it is blocked in at the far end with railings.  If you have mobs on your tail, keep running all the way to the gate. They should lose interest in you by then.  Kaidan Regional Summoning Point is the only one without the red markings on the summoning area. 



Who can take part in Regional Boss summoning?

At least a team of 5 level 50 players need to be present to summon the boss. Ideally a raid team of 10 level 50 players will be present though as well as up to 3 leechers. This means as many people as possible contribute, and benefit from the loot! 

Before heading to summon a Regional Boss

There are a few things you can do for yourself to prepare yourself before going to summon the regional bosses. For example:

    • Make sure you have inventory space
    • Make sure you have enough anima shards to repair yourself a few times

Summoning the Regional Bosses

One person in your team needs to stand in the summoning circle and double click the Essence in their inventory. At this point a large beating heart will be in the middle of the summoning circle, suspended in the air. The remaining four members of the team then also need to use the heart by pressing "F".

During the boss fight, if you die it is important to get back to the boss as quickly as you can in ANIMA FORM. If your team wipes, there are only a limited number of tries (maximum of 5) dependant on the amount of lit flames around the summoning circle. A timer will show that you have 10minutes on a countdown if your whole team dies. 

The Bosses

You can find more information about how to defeat the regional bosses in our Nine Swords Bestiary

The Loot

Loot in the chests from the Regional Bosses is a mixture of mostly distillates and signets. There is also the chance to get World Boss essences. In the case of a Blue chest from a regional boss kill, there is additionally the chance that an Agent Dossier will drop.