The Auction House is where you can search for and buy items from other players in our Secret World. You can also put up your own items for sale.

How to Access

You can access the Auction House by pressing "H" from anywhere you are in game, or from the Auctioneer NPCs which you can find in Agartha in the Mall area, and at the Post Office in London (Post Office Worker).

Note you can only access it via the Auction House NPCs and not Bank NPCs.

Explaining the AH Panel

When you have opened the Auction House, you should see a panel that looks like this:
As you can see there are drop down menus you can use to add search boundaries and also a search box.  The first drop down "Item Type" should always match what you are looking for in the search box - otherwise, you will always fail to find your Nemain Signet under "Agent" item types!!
Using Nemain as an example - I would set the following filters:
You can then click "Price" at the top of the columns showing the prices the items are listed for to either have a sorting from lowest to highest or from highest to lowest. The same goes with all the columns for sorting.. but makes relatively little sense to filter if you only searched for items with the same name.  I removed the prices and seller information here as it is always changing! 

How do I buy things?

Items are bought using Marks of Favour. If for example, you want to buy yourself a new pair of boots (which I am sure you do!) you can set the filters like this. As you can see, the Auction House marks the items you already have with Red Text:

If they have red text it does not stop you buying it. It is however a visual help for you. If you buy things from other people, you can claim them via the Postal Service tab.
Patrons (monthly subscribers) can claim purchased items from anywhere in the world. Free players have to access the interface via the Auction House NPCs

How do I know the price listed is a good one?

This is a question we are asked often in cabal chat, and a question that isn't just a consideration when buying something but when you are selling something. When you are buying something, you can of course judge from the items listed in the Auction House if you are happy to pay the price listed. What you can also do though is to check the listed prices here: 
The website shows you all prices that items have been posted with in the Auction House. Therefore - if you see a trend towards something costing 1k MoF and it is listed in the Auction House today at 20k MoF it might be a good idea to hold off buying it until you see another listing at a better price!

How do I sell things?

There is a limit to the amount of items you can sell at any one time of 10 items. If people buy things from you, you can transfer the MoF via the Postal Service tab.

How do I know what price to sell something for?

This is similar to when you are buying something, you can check prices of the same item in AH, or consult the market watch website here: 

Posting an item to sell will incur a non-refundable deposit, even if you cancel the item being on sale. Listing fee for non-Patrons is set to 10%, for Patrons it is: 5%.

You are unable to see your own auctions in any search results, including on alts (Based on your IP Address, so this also means you likely cannot see auction results for anyone that lives with you either). Auction listings are put up for a maximum of three days. If they are not sold, they will no longer show in the search anyone makes for an item - but you can still retrieve it from your items for sale by cancelling the sale (right click the item and choose Cancel Sale).