The Manhattan Exclusion Zone, also known as New York Raid - or as its proper mission title "Crossroad of Worlds" is currently available in the following difficulties:

  1. Story Mode: You need to be level 50 to do this raid. 
  2. Elite 1: You need to be level 50 to do this raid. 
  3. Elite 5: You need an IP of at least 450 to do this raid.
  4. Elite 10: You need an IP of at least 1000 to do this raid.
  5. Elite 17: You need an IP of at least 1700 to do this raid.

This guide will focus on the Story Mode version.


Raid requirements

As you already saw in the listing above, for the Story Mode of the New York Raid you need to have reached level 50 to participate. When you are level 50, the Activity Finder will allow you to sign up either as part of a raid team that is being set up, or within the group finder which will allocate you to a team with other people who are also signed up and interested in running the content.

Before you enter the raid

Before heading into the raid, it is very important to have picked up the mission "Crossroad of the Worlds". This must only be completed once, but it is definitely advisable to have made sure to progress it before a raid start time. 

You can pick up the mission at the Activities: Paragon terminal in Agartha.

The mission: Crossroad of the World

TIER 1/1: Speak with Dave Screed in New York

Once in New York, you will find Dave Screed in the Laundr-o-mat at approximately 360 x 380. 

When you get to him, you will automatically get a cut-scene to watch. Your mission will then update.

TIER 1/1:  Find the secret way into Midtown Manhattan

To progress your mission further, you need to locate the entrance to the Manhattan Exclusion Zone. 

As soon as you find this grate you know you are in the right place as your mission will update. You will find it at coordinates 413 x 333 in New York.

As your mission should now state "Use the activity finder to join the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid" you are now ready to enter the raid zone! Either wait until your scheduled run is happening, or as the mission states - use the activity finder to head in.


The team

If you are teaming with an experienced tank and healer - then Story Mode can be easily achieved with just 1 tank and 1 healer, despite the Activity Finder suggesting that the raid requires 2 of each of these roles - the game will however assign people as these roles even if they did not sign for it. 

If as a DPS the game selects you as a tank or a healer, but we are running a cabal raid - do not worry. Our raid leader will have ensured that the tank and healer roles are filled. 


Inside the Manhattan Exclusion Zone

With Story Mode, the first thing you will encounter as you enter the area is the New York Subway. You will need to navigate your way through here, via the carriages - to finally end up outside the parking garages. Be careful about just running out here on your own, there are a few monsters to deal with first. 

Once you and your team have dealt with the monsters, you will find yourself at a QBL building - do not just run through. You will be able to get your hands on "Filth Guardians 6" for your Bestiary Legends before heading to where the Anima Well is. Check behind the cubicles near the window before the door leading out to the anima well.  


How the raid works

The raid is split into 3 main phases. 

Phase 1: Lurker


  • The tank should run in first to gain agro from the Lurker.  
  • You will get stacks ticking down on you, but this is not a concern in StoryMode as the agro and stacks switch automatically.
  • Ensure not to stand in the column attack from the Lurker


  • During the initial run in - someone will get a circle at their feet from an attack called "Pure Filth". Drop it as close to the lamppost as possible so that filth doesn't get in the way of the main fighting.
  • All DPS should be on the grate to fight the lurker in this phase.

  • The Lurkers column attack can be easily walked out of if you spot it quick enough, it can do a large amount of damage.
  • If you see anyone shout "pod" in chat - switch target to free your team mate as quickly as possible.


In a Nine Swords Raid:

  • The healer usually stands just behind the grate so that they are the one most likely to get the filth via "Pure Filth" attack.
  • The healer is responsible for dealing with any incoming pods. 


At the end of this phase the Lurker will cast "Shadow out of Time". It is important to hide behind a car or the rocks as the attack hits to block you getting hit by the damage it causes.


Phase 2: Eldritch Guardians and Zombies

In this phase, 4 Eldritch Guardians and multiple waves of Zombies will spawn.


Your main role in this section of the raid is to gain agro quickly on the Eldritch Guardians. They spawn in 3 set spots, and will spawn in an anti-clockwise pattern from the first that comes. 

  • Ensure to face the Eldritch Guardians away from your DPS so you can control where their cone attack "Downfall" is going to be cast
  • On death, the Guardian will trigger a large circular ground based AoE. You need to be outside of the circle when it triggers.


Your main role in this section of the raid is to:

  • Fight the Zombie adds that will spawn
  • Fight the Guardians that spawn


During this phase, there will be multiple castings of "Shadow out of time" where you need to ensure you have taken cover to block the hit. Do not stand in AoE attacks, and watch out for filth on the ground.


Phase 3: The Lurker, Buff Circles and Zombies

The 3rd phase of the raid is very similar to the first phase, with added Buff Circles. Ensure to stand in a circle that boosts your damage type. 

  • The circle closest to the Lurker boosts short range weapons - Hammer, Blade, Fists and Chaos.
  • The middle circle boosts boosts mid range weapons - Shotgun and Pistols.
  • The circle at the back boosts long ranged weapons - Assault Rifle, Blood and Elementalism.

Example of a buff circle


  • During Phase 3, the Lurker will cast "Shadow out of Time". Ensure you run to hide from this to block the attack as DPS or healer.
  • Towards the very end of this phase, depending on how fast the health is being taken down on the Lurker - it may cast an attack called "Final Resort". This is a very large ground based Area of Effect attack. It is important to get out of this attack.



Once the Lurker has been defeated, a cutscene will trigger.


Before you leave the raid

Ensure that you claim your loot from the raid loot chest.

If you are here for the first time, you can then continue your mission "Crossroad of the World". If this is not your first time here - then don't forget to pick up the mission before you leave the area. It counts as a main mission completion each time on hand in. 


Cool-down timer

There is no cool-down timer for the raid, however you do earn less loot each time you complete it in a one week period. The raid cool-down timer reset is on Tuesdays. (You can see this in your Timers panel (Shift-L).