Faction missions are not available to all characters straight away. Rogue Agent will become available when you have 450 Item Power and have also completed the Kaidan Story Line Mission. 

To pick up the mission Rogue Agent, you need to head over to the Activities Board in Agartha at 533 x 224. 

Because it is a faction mission, the start to the mission varies depending on whether you are Templar, Dragon or Illuminati. Once you head to Seoul, chase down the Agents and head towards the Agartha Portal.

As you approach the portal, and depending on your Item Power, you will get a list of difficulty levels to choose from. 




When you have defeated the agent, collect your loot then head of the area either through the doorway and portal, or by teleporting. To complete the mission, head back to your faction handler.


Loot Table:

Elite Level Glyph Distillate  Talisman / Weapon Distillate* Anima Shards Glyph Bag
E17 1x 7000cc 4x 6900-7000cc 7200 Yes
E16 1x 6400cc 4x 6500-6600cc 6800 Yes
E15 1x 6000cc 4x 6000-6200cc 6400 Yes
E14  1x 5600cc  4x 5600-5800cc 6000 Yes
E13 2x 5200cc 3x 5200-5400cc 5600 Yes
E12 1x 4800cc 4x 4800-4900cc 5200 Yes
E11 1x4400cc 4x 4400-4600cc 4800 Yes
 E10 1x 4200cc 4x 4000-4200cc 4400 Yes
 E9  1x 3800cc 4x 3600-3800cc 4000 Yes
 E8  1x 3200cc 4x 32000-3300cc  3600 Yes
 E7   1x 3000cc 4x 2800-3000cc 3200 Yes
 E6  1x 2400cc 4x 2400-2600cc 2800 Yes
 E5   1x 2200cc 4x 2000-2200cc 2400 Yes

 * Distillate drop, may also be Energized.

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