1. Introduction
  2. Sprint Customizations
    1. Travelling in Style
    2. Vecturist
  3. Gotta Go Fast
  4. Gearhead


The achievements for the Collection section Sprints are all about moving around our secret world in style, going faster.. and hovering! Sprints consist of running speeds, running effects, mounts and vehicles. To see the sprints you currently have, and the ones you don't press Shift+P to open the Sprints/Pets window, and then click on the tab to change the view to your Sprints.

The ones you have will show as slightly lit up as the ones in the top right hand corner of the image above show. The ones you do not have will look greyed out. You can change the ticks selected at the top to help you get a better overview. The sprints are sorted alphabetically.

Some of the sprints can be bought directly from this window with Aurum. Others are either from vendors (Speedy Sally), seasonal events or achievements. You can click on each sprint, mount or vehicle to find out where you can get it from. 

Getting all of the achievements for "Collections: Sprints" will give you a total of 25 Achievement Points.  


Sprint Customizations

Travelling in Style

 Objective:  Collect ten sprint customizations
  • 5 Achievement Points 


 Objective:  Collect twenty-five sprint customizations
  • Sprint: Rainbow Stride
  • 10 Achievement Points 


Gotta Go Fast

 Objective:  Unlock Sprinting VI
  • Title: Rushed
  • 5 Achievement Points 


To unlock Sprinting VI, you need to have purchased all sprints up to this level. To access the sprints, go into the Sprint window (Shift +P) and then click the bright green as shown in the image below. The final upgrade, Sprint VI, costs 1,500 Aurum to unlock.



 Objective:  Collect a mechanical sprinting customization
  • 5 Achievement Points 


Mechanical sprints are classed as most of the wing sprints you can get your hands on, such as Agarthan Wings, Turbojet Wing Pack, etc.